Why This Workshop?

To build strong relationships and be effective in our roles, we need to understand our behavioural style and how to adjust our approach with those who are different from ourselves.

Behavioural style refers to how a person typically acts and interacts with others. It is demonstrated through a broad range of actions, including pacing, openness, directness, verbal, para-verbal and non-verbal commnication.

In this insightful workshop, participants learn how to adjust their own style to be more effective in influencing, leading and communicating with others.

You Will Learn How to:

  • Describe the 4 major behavioural styles
  • Recognize the style of others
  • "Flex" your style as necessary – to facilitate your interactions with others
  • Understand the connection between trust, behavioural styles and teamwork
  • Recognize 8 team roles and the ideal styles for each
  • Employ this powerful model to be more successful in your daily activities

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