Why This Workshop?

Mentoring is the process of stimulating the best in others &ndahs; through inspiring, influencing and advising. Mentoring can help fast-track development of the high potentials in your organization and improve employee engagement. The Mentoring Relationship de-mystifies mentoring for both mentor and mentee and teaches how to progress through four stages. It provides both mentor and mentee with an excellent learning opportunity and provides a framework for enhanced career development.

You Will Learn How to:

  • Use mentoring, coaching and counselling appropriately
  • Meet 5 criteria for success in the relationship
  • Progress through 4 stages of mentoring
  • Differentiate between roles of mentor vs. mentee
  • Capitalize on key mentoring opportunities
  • Facilitate a mentoring discussion
  • Overcome 5 typical challenges
  • End the relationship respectfully and constructively

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