Why This Workshop?

Your ability to communicate is probably your most important business tool. Strong interpersonal communication skills are the foundation for building relationships, internally and externally. The challenge is that when we communicate with others, the dynamics constantly change. We are constantly "switching gears", using different skills and adjusting them as needed. This skills-based, practical workshop will enhance your ability to use key interpersonal communication skills to build more positive, productive relationships with others, whether we are seeking information, solving a problem, coaching an employee, dealing with a client or customer or participating in a meeting.

You Will Learn How to:

  • Create a positive communication environment
  • Flex your communication style to communicate more effectively with others
  • Use three forms of communication persuasively
  • Use a logical pattern of questioning, high gain questions and probing to uncover others' needs and interests
  • Listen and reframe effectively when needed
  • Clarify assumptions and facts and get shared understanding
  • Achieve consensus so others commit to implementing the solution
  • Apply effective specific communication techniques in face-to-face, telephone and written communication situations

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