Why This Workshop?

Despite our best intentions, hiring decisions are often based on gut feel. Fingers crossed, we forge ahead and hope for the best.

This workshop raises the bar on the entire recruitment and selection process. Participants gain the skills and tools to plan and conduct non-discriminatory, structured interviews with job candidates, accurately evaluate the results and pick the best person for the job.

You Will Learn How to:

  • Comply with the Ontario Human Rights Code and avoid discriminatory conduct
  • Apply a 4-step interviewing process
  • Define the required competencies for a specific position
  • Develop 4 types of interview questions
  • Conduct a structured, effective interview
  • Participate in panel interviews
  • Screen candidates effectively over the phone
  • Objectively evaluate interview data and select the best person
  • Complete insightful reference checks
  • Make the offer to the best candidate
  • Ensure that the entire recruitment and selection process is fair

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