Why This Workshop?

Can you imagine a hockey team arriving for a playoff game with no coach, no strategy and no hockey sticks? Every team, no matter how high performing, needs tools to win – a game plan, clear expectations and specific objectives to keep focused on shared targets.

This session gives participants the opportunity to develop an individual roadmap that aligns their business objectives and goals with the organization's strategic direction. By answering 20 key questions, participants begin the process of setting SMART performance objectives and development goals. Following the workshop, they collaborate with their manager to ensure that they have a shared understanding about priorities. Throughout the year, this framework helps both employee and manager assess progress, provide feedback and coach as appropriate.

You Will Learn How to:

  • Determine organizational goals and priorities: 20 questions
  • Set specific, measurable performance objectives and development goals
  • Achieve agreement about objectives and goals
  • Establish action plans to achieve targets
  • Adjust plans as appropriate
  • Use this data to effectively plan, assess and coach performance

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