Why This Workshop?

The ability to sell yourself, your proposal, your product or your service is required in every organization in every industry. Delivering a polished, powerful presentation requires a full range of skills and tools – all provided in this stimulating, practical workshop. Participants learn how to apply a proven model for understanding audience needs and developing a clear, concise presentation based on those needs – using effective benefit statements and appropriate strategies for overcoming obstacles and objections. Each participant will receive a comprehensive EPS Participant Manual, a Skill Guide and Application Tool for on the job reference.

You Will Learn How to:

  • Develop organized and logical content for any presentation
  • Link the presentation content to the audience's specific needs
  • Select and effectively use the most appropriate visual aids
  • Deliver a polished, professional presentation
  • Effectively communicate through the use of voice and body language
  • Manage nervousness before and during the presentation
  • Successfully handle questions and objections from any audience
  • Identify and address further opportunities for personal improvement

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