Why This Workshop?

Coaching is now a critical competency for all leaders – a must-have skill for all managers and supervisors. Yet coaching is typically done poorly or avoided altogether. This workshop will de-mystify the coaching process and provide you with a proven, practical approach to coaching your staff.

Other coaching workshops focus on interpersonal skills such as listening skills and giving feedback. The Coaching for Results workshop provides you with a 6-D coaching model guaranteed to enhance productivity and morale among your team. Through improved communication about performance with your staff, you will achieve better results.

You Will Learn How to:

  • Differentiate between coaching, mentoring and counselling
  • Identify your strengths and gaps as a coach
  • Apply a 6-Dimension Coaching Model
  • Generate improvements in skill, performance, behaviour and attitude
  • Encourage employees to be accountable for their own performance
  • Pinpoint 5 major causes of performance gaps and resolve them
  • Give difficult performance feedback
  • Get commitment to a plan to improve performance and results
  • Build a manager/employee partnership and a relationship of trust

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