Why This Workshop?

High performing teams define success in terms of the team's success instead of individual achievement. Effective teams also regularly ask themselves: How do we measure up? Are we communicating effectively with one another? What processes do we need to improve? As a result of this workshop, teams develop a common mindset and strive to improve on an ongoing basis.

Building a High Performing Team begins with a detailed diagnostic tool to identify the team's strengths and gaps. Participants are then introduced to the 5-Dimension Team Effectiveness Model to understand how well the team communicates and manages other critical team processes. All workshop activities are applied to the intact team's current issues and opportunities. At the end of the session, team members commit to a powerful plan of action to enhance their team's efficiency and effectiveness.

You Will Learn How to:

  • Assess your team's current effectiveness - strengths and opportunities for improvement
  • Apply the 5-Dimension Team Effectiveness Model
  • Understand 8 team roles and how they contribute to success
  • Improve communication among your team members
  • Enhance critical team processes
  • Build commitment to team improvement
  • Implement action plans to ensure on-going enhancement of the team's efficiency and effectiveness

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