Our highly interactive, dynamic workshops:

  • Focus on real-life challenges
  • Provide "best practices" and easy-to-apply models
  • Give plenty of opportunity to practice new behaviours and get feedback
  • Include self-assessments to help leaders identify their personal style, strengths and opportunities
  • Respect sensitive workplace issues
  • Reflect your organization's culture and learning needs

Choose from CORE's workshops ranging from a half day to two days in length. You can also integrate any workshop into a conference or offsite meeting – just ask.


  • Introduction to Coaching
  • Styles at Work
  • Building Trust
  • Assessing Performance
  • Asking Questions and Listening
  • The Power of Feedback
  • Developing Action Plans

Leadership 101

  • Introduction to Leadership
  • Creating a Motivating Environment
  • Situational Leadership
  • Delegation
  • Managing Time and Priorities

Communication Skills

  • Managing Conflict
  • Effective Presentation Skills
  • Facilitating Effective Meetings

Team Skills

  • Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Team Effectiveness

Career Planning and Career Coaching

  • Mastering Your Career
  • Career Coaching

Leader's Role in HR

  • Hiring the Best
  • Performance Planning
  • Leader as Learning Coach
  • The Annual Review
  • Mentoring

Special Interest

  • Diversity and Differences at Work
  • Making 360s Succeed
  • Designing and Facilitating Engaging Workshops
  • Exceptional Customer Service


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