Employee surveys

CORE offers a full range of surveys to give you the insightful information you need to figure out how to improve your leadership capability, engagement, customer loyalty and performance. It all begins with asking the right questions.

The types of surveys we offer are:

  • 360 Degree Assessments: to help leaders understand their strengths and development opportunities (click here to find out more about 360° Feedback)
  • Employee Engagement Surveys: to gather information about an organization's strengths and opportunities that will increase employee loyalty and commitment
  • Needs Assessments: to determine key learning needs and priorities of your leaders and employees
  • Conferences, Workshops and Events: to uncover needs and preferences as part of the planning process; to gather participant feedback following the event
  • Exit Surveys: to gather candid, practical information about why your employees leave
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys: to assess levels of satisfaction with your products, services and relationships
  • Opinion and Feedback Surveys: to uncover perceptions and gather feedback about any organizational aspect

Our services include all aspects of survey development and administration: custom design, email communications, survey launch (including individual email links and passwords), secure web hosting of all data, monitoring responses, production of individual, team and organizational reports and debriefing of results.


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