Leadership coaching

Executive coaching is designed for leaders at all levels of the organization to help them learn, grow and develop and make a substantial contribution to your organization's bottom line.

It is a confidential and sensitive process that needs to be handled with skill, tact and discretion based on the goals, personalities and values of the individuals involved. In one-on-one confidential discussions, leaders are given an opportunity to discuss their most important challenges and opportunities.

The CORE coaches have supported hundreds of leaders on their journey to success. We draw on an extensive range of validated assessment tools and other learning resources as appropriate.

Our clients include executives, middle managers and professionals in virtually every industry sector including: telecom, financial services, automotive manufacturing and distribution, energy, packaged goods, pharmaceuticals and professional services.

Some areas addressed include:

  • Making 360s actionable
  • Career planning and career transitions
  • Developing presentations and workshops
  • Building high performance teams
  • Having difficult conversations
  • Resolving inter-team and inter-functional conflicts
  • Coaching and mentoring staff
  • Communicating effectively
  • Developing performance contracts
  • Facilitating change
  • Influencing others
  • Assessing personal values and improving alignment

As a complement to your other leadership development initiatives, a CORE coach will help your leaders become more closely aligned with your organization's goals and become more effective, productive and engaged.


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