Career planning

Research shows that the # 1 talent management problem for leaders and HR professionals is employee engagement. Employee engagement is evident in the discretionary effort employees put in, over and beyond the basic expectations of their job. They are not just going through the motions, but are putting forth extra effort to meet their stakeholders' needs.

How can you ensure that your people are engaged, loyal and reaching their full potential? CORE's career planning and coaching tools can help you enhance employee engagement and retention in your organization.

Here are some questions that may give you some key insights:

  • How does your organization help employees enhance their career potential and future opportunities?
  • Are your employees worried about security, purpose, job satisfaction and other career issues?
  • How would your staff rate their level of engagement?
  • Do your employees have meaningful, practical learning plans?
  • What percentage intend to leave your company in the next year? Has this increased in the last year?

The answers to these questions - and others - will give you a barometer for determining the key steps required to increase employee motivation and engagement.

Selecting from our comprehensive range of tools and programs, we can help you:

  • Improve engagement and productivity
  • Demonstrate that your organization cares about its employees and supports their longer term careers
  • Align individual goals and interests with your organization's direction
  • Links career planning with other key talent management strategies


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