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Fatal Flaws of Leaders

What are the most common weaknesses of leaders? How do you compare?

A recent survey of 545 senior managers in three different organizations by the firm Zenger Folkman reveals some fascinating insights:

The data reveals that the most prevalent “fatal flaws” of these leaders are: developing and motivating others, building relationships and teamwork. Ironically as leaders climb the corporate ladder, these skills become increasingly important, as opposed to setting goals, developing strategy or driving results.

The good news is that after receiving coaching 75% of the lowest rated leaders improved their behaviours as determined by subsequent 360° surveys.

What do you need to focus on? Would coaching help you improve your leadership effectiveness?

CORE offers a 360° tool that evaluates 16 key leadership competencies and a full suite of leadership training programs.  We would happy to set up a complimentary meeting to discuss your needs.

5 Reasons to have 360° Reviews

Our recent survey of HR professionals reveals that persuading leaders to implement 360° evaluations can be challenging.  Why the pushback? Leaders cite negative repercussions for respondents, defensiveness/anger about feedback and time involved. All of these can be addressed effectively in how the survey is designed, communicated and administered.

If your role involves building the case for 360s, job #1 is to communicate the “why”: the benefits of engaging in this process.

5 Reasons to have a 360° Reviews:

  1. We need to understand how our behaviours affect others.
  2. 360s provide a solid basis for establishing our leadership development plans.
  3. Using key organizational competencies ensures that development plans are aligned with our organization’s strategy and direction.
  4. 360s provide career resilience.
  5. Feedback improves motivation and results.

CORE offers both electronic and interview-based 360° evaluations as well as professional coaching to leverage the results. Contact us for a sample report and for a cost-effective quotation.