Respect and Civility in the Workplace


The respectful workplace is one in which all employees are treated fairly; diversity, equality and inclusion is valued; interpersonal communications are positive and collaborative; and conflicts are constructively resolved.

Relationships of trust and respect exist at all levels of the organization.

Respect and Civility in the Workplace Building a Culture of Collegiality is a 2-hour instructor-led online program that will help build and maintain a respectful workplace. Online features including breakout rooms and whiteboards are used to ensure that the workshop is highly interactive and keep learners engaged. The workshop can be customized to specific needs.


  • Know what creates positive, inclusive working relationships.
  • Understand everyone’s responsibility in showing respectful behaviour.
  • Address inappropriate behaviour.

One of our clients shared, after delivering the workshop coast-to-coast for all employees:

“The workshop created a renewed awareness and energy around this topic within our organization, particularly about the role of the witness.”

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