Making Training Stick

Our clients often ask if CORE’s workshops are offered in a modular format; for example, two hours every two weeks. Cited is the need to minimize time away from the job.

The answer is “Yes.”

The dilemma? Ensuring that learners learn and your organization maximizes its ROI.

Over the years we’ve learned a number of tricks (that apply to longer programs too!). Here are 5 of them:

  1. Roll out a simple communiqué to ensure that potential participants and their leaders understand the program purpose and its key deliverables, before registering.
  2. Facilitate a program overview for the participants’ leaders. Explain how to reinforce new behaviours. Give them a Coaching Tip Sheet.
  3. Ask participants to do a quick prework assignment. Some ideas: reading, assessment, or identifying real life scenarios to work on during the program. This readies the learners and maximizes team activities during the session.
  4. Assign learning buddies; someone with whom they can share key successes and challenges after the program.
  5. Ask participants to pinpoint 2-3 opportunities where they can apply what they have learned. Encourage their managers to discuss these action plans with them.

For more tips to make training stick, call us!