Joan Hill Announces her Retirement from Consulting

June 2021

Dear Clients, Colleagues, and Friends of CORE Consulting Inc.

As president of CORE, I want to thank all CORE clients for their confidence in engaging CORE over the past 35 years and I have now decided to retire.

Current assignments are being managed and delivered through to completion by my long-time and very capable colleagues:

Any inquiries about new assignments will be directed to Leon or Nina depending on the expertise required. Please feel free to contact either of them directly.

Any administrative inquiries (e.g., scheduling, invoicing, payments, etc.) or other matters should be directed to:

I want to thank all colleagues for outstanding delivery of CORE programs and services. I especially want to thank Traci Kerfont, my assistant of more than 20 years, for her unwavering commitment and support.

At CORE we are all proud that we have been able to deliver impactful and award-winning programs and services to a wide cross section of public, private, not-for-profit, and government clients.

Best wishes to each of you for continued success.