How Engaged Are You at Work?

7 Questions

As we ring in the New Year full of goals, hopes and expectations, it’s a great time to reflect on how engaged and satisfied we are with our careers.

Do you agree with the following statements? Yes or No?

  1. I recommend my employer to others as a good place to work.
  2. I feel that I am working to my potential in this job.
  3. I rarely think of leaving my job.
  4. I put an effort over and above what is expected of me in my role.
  5. I always speak positively about my employer.
  6. I am committed to helping my employer achieve its business goals and objectives.
  7. I enjoy helping others in their work in this organization.

If you indicated “no”to more than two statements, it’s time to take stock, rather than expecting your manager to take charge, or hoping for a stroke of luck. Do a thorough self-assessment. Develop a career plan that helps you transition into a role in which you are engaged, challenged and positive.  

This is called the “sweet spot”, the intersection of three dimensions:

What You’re Great At: using your key skills, knowledge and competencies

What You Love: focusing on what you enjoy doing and are passionate about

What Your Organization Needs: where there are plenty of opportunities to make a significant contribution to your organization’s success.

I can help you find your sweet spot. I would love to chat with you about your career or career challenges in your organization.  What career question or concern are you currently facing?

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