Craving Something Different?

Remember how at the beginning of the summer, you planned to dive into some leadership webinars, articles and blogs? Kudos if you’ve made progress!  With 5 weeks left until Labour Day, would you like to focus on something more personal?

If yes, order an inspiring and engaging book: “Love Your Life to Death”, by Yvonne Heath. This is an outstanding opportunity to accelerate the clarity, purpose and commitment in your life. The questions Yonne Heath poses, especially about death, are thought-provoking:

  • “What if you had to choose between a shorter life with great quality or a longer life, with less quality? Which would you choose?”
  • “What’s on my bucket list and what am I waiting for?”
  • “What do you believe about life and death?”

Lloyd Robertson calls it “A compelling narrative on navigating life through to its final passage.”

If you want to live your life more fully and authentically, order “Love Your Life to Death” at:  or

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