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How Can HR Add Value?

By pinpointing the skills, knowledge and behaviours that will drive your organization’s vision, values and direction. This is called competency modeling. It’s not just HR’s role. As a leader, you must ensure that you hire, train, coach and model the agreed to competencies in all your daily leadership activities.

The HR Reporter recently asked me to pen an article about the 9 steps we follow to develop a competency model.

Click the link below to access the full article and see how you can leverage competencies to improve your business.

Prepping for Performance Reviews – 7 Derailers

What’s your experience with performance reviews? Positive and constructive? Or frustrating and stressful?

In our 20+ years of performance management consulting, we’ve learned that whether you’re the appraiser or appraisee, there are seven derailers that you need to avoid:

    1. Assessments based on assumptions and generalizations, not fact
    2. No input from the appraisee
    3. Focusing on only good or bad news
    4. No action plans developed
    5. Vague, general business objectives and development goals
    6. Old issues stored up for the annual review
    7. No follow-up after the face-to-face conversation

Turn the annual event into a productive, meaningful event and pave the way for enhanced personal and business results in 2014.

Are You Someone’s Best Boss?

In our Coaching for Results workshops, we ask participants to describe the behaviours of their best boss ever. What did she do that motivated and inspired them to do their best? What specific actions did he take that forged engagement?

Our review of hundreds of responses over the past two years reveals the top 5 behaviours that the best bosses regularly demonstrate:

  1. Opportunities to Grow: Giving employees stretch opportunities to develop new skills and confidence.
  2. Open, Honest Communication: Keeping staff informed, asking high gain questions and actively listening to their input.
  3. Feedback: Providing balanced, constructive feedback in a respectful manner.
  4. Delivering on Promises: Doing what they say they will do, walking the talk.
  5. Caring: Demonstrating interest in staff, not just their results.

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