Be Career Smart: 7 High Gain Questions to Ask Your Boss

In my previous blog “Are You Career Smart?” I touched on the importance of getting feedback about how others see us.

Yet getting these revelations is rarely easy. Leaders often struggle with separating fact from fiction, want to dodge conflict or are simply time-crunched.

Instead of waiting for your boss to paint your profile, arm yourself with these 7 high gain questions:

7 Questions to Ask Your Boss About Your Career:

  1. What do you see as my key strengths and major development opportunities?
  2. In what areas do I need to build muscle?
  3. What are my blind spots?
  4. Where do you see me in one year? Two years?
  5. What are the gaps between my current profile and these roles?
  6. What obstacles do you see in terms of my future?
  7. What key message do you want me to take away today?

Listen with your head and your heart. Avoid being defensive or argumentative. Compare this discovery with how you see yourself. Tell your boss how you are going to apply this feedback.

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